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Safety and Environment

Waste Management


We shipped tons of hazardous waste to licensed commercial waste-handling facilities. Most of the hazardous waste is lead-contaminated sediment that comes from cleaning our underground electric facilities such as transformer vaults and manholes. 

But in 1998, we launched a program for waste managed by Con Edison employees that rendered residual lead virtually inert, so that it was no longer hazardous. This process has substantially reduced the amount of hazardous waste we generate and the operating costs for cleaning over the years.


In 2015, CECONY recycled tons of non-hazardous waste, including retired fleet vehicles, forklifts, and tool carts, which were auctioned for sale or scrapped for their components. Currently 92 percent of our non-hazardous waste is recycled. 

O&R’s recycling program continues a longstanding relationship with Rockland ARC, a local organization that provides support for the developmentally disabled. ARC workers recycle old cables, streetlights, reflectors and meters. O&R estimates that the program has saved more than a million cubic feet in landfill space since its inception in 1991.

Con Edison of New York Non-Hazardous Waste Generation (thousand tons)


Con Edison of New York Generation by Material Type (hundred tons)

 Clean FillGarbageMetalC&DWoodPaperPlastic
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