Report Introduction

Letter from the Chairman Company Profile
Sustainability Strategy Awards & Recognition

Safety and Environment

Employee Health & Safety Public Safety
GHG Emissions Reductions - Introduction Air Quality/Non-GHG Emissions
Waste Management Habitat & Biodiversity
Electric Vehicles Oil to Gas Conversions
Water ISO Certification

Operational Excellence

Physical Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Ethical Business Practices
Climate Resilience Core System Upgrades
Supply Chain Governance

Customer and Community

Stakeholder Engagement & Collaboration Distributed Energy Resources
Talent Attraction, Development & Retention Workforce Diversity & Inclusion
Training & Professional Development Volunteerism


Executive Summary Data snapshot

Operational Excellence

Supply Chain

III.E._Supply_ChainIn 2015, we doubled our procurement of green products compared to 2014, with approximately $7 million of expenditures.  This included items such as hybrid vehicles, low-carbon fuels, and recycled paper, toner, and carpets.  We partnered with our vendors to reduce, reuse, and recycle various materials used by the company.  Through our resource recovery program, we diverted close to $11 million of waste from landfills by focusing on products such as scrap cable, transformers, and paper.  We collaborated with an electrical equipment supplier to implement process improvements that yielded over 700,000 pounds of reclaimed copper.  We also awarded a contract to a women-owned logistics company that is helping us to reduce our carbon footprint by optimizing the efficiency of our inbound material deliveries.  To identify best practices that can strengthen our sustainability program, we joined an industry working group that includes many of the nation’s largest energy companies.

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