Report Introduction

Letter from the Chairman Company Profile
Sustainability Strategy Awards & Recognition

Safety and Environment

Employee Health & Safety Public Safety
GHG Emissions Reductions - Introduction Air Quality/Non-GHG Emissions
Waste Management Habitat & Biodiversity
Electric Vehicles Oil to Gas Conversions
Water ISO Certification

Operational Excellence

Physical Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Ethical Business Practices
Climate Resilience Core System Upgrades
Supply Chain Governance

Customer and Community

Stakeholder Engagement & Collaboration Distributed Energy Resources
Talent Attraction, Development & Retention Workforce Diversity & Inclusion
Training & Professional Development Volunteerism


Executive Summary Data snapshot

Operational Excellence

Ethical Business Practices

Ethical_Business_PracticesStrong business ethics is a core value of our company. We also recognize that standards of business conduct are an integral component of a sustainable company. Our ethical standards are founded on values of service, honesty, concern, courtesy, excellence, and teamwork, as well as a commitment to our customers, communities, employees, and shareholders. To add more resonance to our ethics message, we formed a Values in Action Advisors network composed of 70 employees in 2015. We also required all management employees and select union members to complete a conflicts of interest survey and we created a compliance management team in 2015.

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